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Why Do Pit Bulls Smile?

To some people, the myth goes that Pit bulls are naturally vicious and aggressive dogs. While the media tends to view this breed that way, the majority of Pit bulls mature into friendly, loyal, and loving pets.

But try telling that to people who just won’t be convinced. Actually, don’t – introduce them to your Pit bull’s adorable smile instead! But why do Pit bulls smile in the first place?

This article will address that puzzling question, looking at the reasons behind a pit bull’s smile, and asking the same question of dogs in general.

So, why do Pit bulls smile? When a Pit bull smiles, it is a sign that he is completely relaxed and lacking any aggression. In other words, at that moment, he’s not challenging the dominance of anyone in his vicinity.

Do Dogs Smile Because They Are Happy?

We now know some of the key reasons why Pit bulls smile, but we need to look at dogs, in general, to get to its essence. Do dogs smile because they are happy? The best answer is that they smile when they are happy.

To explain, when your dog is getting exercise and being stimulated, there will be a host of visual clues as to his happiness – tail wagging, jumping, and a relaxed expression, for example.

The smile your dog exhibits is an extension of this relaxed expression. Just as his ears and eyes will relax when he’s happy, so will his mouth. Hence it looks as though he is smiling. But is that all?

Well, not quite. Another theory suggests that because dogs have been man’s best friend for so long that they’ve learned what makes us happy over time and how they can get what they want.

So, dogs have worked out that we react delightedly to his smile, and perhaps cuddle him and give him a treat when he does, so he keeps doing it. Then the cycle begins again. Clever, eh?

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What Does It Mean When Pit bulls Smile?

Earlier on, I pointed out that Pit bulls smile, essentially, because they are relaxed and not feeling threatened, but when you factor in the reasons dogs appear to smile in general, it all becomes far clearer.

Pit bulls smile when their bodies are relaxed. So, like other dogs, they wag their tails, their eyes look bright and friendly, and their mouths lose any tension. In other words, they’re a vision of a happy, carefree canine.

Add in the fact that, thanks to evolution, your Pit bull has learned how to lay on the charm to get a positive reaction from humans. Now you have the potent mix of a lovable pet with an almost supernatural ability to prise treats from you whenever he feels like it – and that’s just why you love him.

In the end, for a dog with a reputation (largely misplaced) for being fearsome, your Pit bull’s smile is one of his most endearing (and, to those who haven’t witnessed it, disarming) features.

Next time he flashes one towards you, pat yourself on the back because whatever else it indicates, it’s a sure sign that he’s relaxed and happy in your company. Just make sure you have his treats to hand, too!

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