Dental Treats

Greenies Dental Treats And Chews

Greenies are mechanical toothbrushes for dogs of all ages that are designed to reduce tartar and mouth odor. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, are easily digestible and very delicious.

Dogs often tend to develop tartar and plaque, with approximately 80% of all dogs younger than 3 years are involved. This is caused by food debris, which builds up between the teeth and the water leading to the plaque and calculus.

Bad breath, inflamed gums, and tooth decay can be a consequence. Uncomfortable teeth brushing or dental treatment with a veterinarian is often inevitable. Greenies dental care snacks provide an effective option for cleaning teeth and reducing dental deposits.

The Risk of Tartar and Plaque can be Greatly Reduced

The soft consistency allows deeper tooth penetration, the special shape and texture of the Greenies makes it easier for your dog to hold the snack with his front paws, so the molars can also be cleaned. Contained natural herbal extracts can reduce bad breath and take care of fresh breath.

Greenies are enriched with quality vitamins and minerals, no sugar added. There are several types of chewable snacks that vary in size and are suitable for a variety of ages and breeds.

Product Features:

  • Dog snacks of all ages and sizes
  • Special snacks for chewing for dental care
  • Unique rough surface: for mechanical cleaning of teeth and reduction of dental deposits
  • As a prevention against tartar and plaque
  • Softer consistency: allows deeper penetration of the teeth
  • Special shape and texture: Brush-shaped, makes it easy to hold the front paw snack and clean the molars
  • Natural herbal extracts: to reduce bad breath, for fresh breath
  • With vitamins and minerals
  • Balanced, especially delicious and well digestible
  • Available in various sizes: for large and small breeds


  • Teenie between 2 and 7 kg
  • Petite between 7 and 11 kg
  • Regular between 11 and 22 kg
  • Large between 22 and 45 kg
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