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Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

By the title, I know exactly what you’re thinking, “a cat liking water?” For those of you that are lucky enough to have a cat in your family, you know that most cats detest water and even hate to get their paws wet.

Cats don’t have a water-resistant coat like dogs and once they’re drenched their fur takes a long time to dry. The puzzling question here is, do Siamese cats like water? You are definitely in the right place for the answer to this very interesting question.

Siamese cats always look dressed for a big night out, but would they get their evening clothes wet? In my experience, and from what I’ve seen with other Siamese cats, they love water! Let’s delve deeper and talk about why they love water so much.

Why Do Siamese Cats Love Water?

As the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat.” Curiosity and fascination are two reasons Siamese cats like water. This is very common for the Siamese breed of cat.

  • Instinct. Another reason for this cat’s fondness of water is instinct. Their ancestors had to depend on their hearing to find fresh running water in the wild. Siamese cats are not too interested in their water bowl but will make a beeline when they hear running water of any kind. Dripping faucets and toilet bowls are not off-limits. If water is dripping from a spigot, curiosity, and instinct both kick in and they must investigate, touching any drops with their paw or leaning in for a drink.
  • Fish. Something that may seem odd regarding a Siamese cat’s obsession with water, is fish. As with the ancestral instinct of water rushing in a babbling brook, the sound of water may bring the idea that there are fish where there is water. Cats like fish and the Siamese are no different than other cats. They may think that when the shower goes on, it’s time to go fishing.
  • Playfulness. Siamese cats are very playful and have a ton of energy. Pouncing around in the bathroom or kitchen when water is running is a good outlet for them, but maybe not for you.
  • Taste. Another motive for seeking out running water is that Siamese cats fancy it over the standing water in their bowls, which collects dust and tastes stale. To them, dripping or running water just tastes a whole lot better!

siamese cat lying down

Do Siamese Cats Like Baths?

Now you’re probably thinking, “Now she’s gone too far! A bath! No way! Yes, Siamese cats like baths. Cats are natural groomers and they take quite good care of themselves in the cleaning department with their little sandpaper tongues. Sometimes, however, cats need to be bathed especially if they get into something that has to be washed off.

I wouldn’t recommend bathing a cat on a regular basis unless they have some sort of skin condition that requires it. Bathing should not be a problem for a Siamese cat. They won’t freak out like another breed of cat, although I urge you not to fully immerse them unless of course, they dive right in!

Bathrooms seem to hold a special fascination with the Siamese cat. If you have one, you can probably attest to the fact that if you’re in the bathroom they are not far away. They will hang around outside the door meowing away as they are very vocal.

If they are lucky enough to be present for your bath or shower, they may stalk around the tub or perch on the side, batting at the water or even try to pounce in!

How Can I Humor My Siamese Cat’s Love of Water?

Since you can’t stop your Siamese cat’s awe of water, there are a few things you can do to help with the craving.

  • Fountain: Purchasing a cat fountain has a two-fold purpose and yes there is such a thing as a cat fountain. Water circulates through the fountain. It not only keeps kitty busy but provides fresh drinking water. Siamese cats also prefer the flavor of running water. Cats are not big drinkers but, this will have them drinking more water and will keep them well hydrated, which is essential to their health.
  • Open Door: Keep your bathroom door open. You may find your cat in the sink or even in the tub, especially if you have a drippy faucet. I do urge you to keep the toilet lid closed!
  • Toys: Purchase cat toys that can be filled with water. They are available at most pet stores. There are balls, fish, and many other shapes to keep them very busy.

When cats develop some bad habits, such as scratching the furniture and jumping up on kitchen countertops that are off-limits, you may reach for the spray water bottle. You might think the water will be a deterrent and every time they think of breaking the rules they will stop and shudder at the thought of getting spritzed.

With your Siamese cat, the spray bottle is pretty much useless. They will think you are playing and just swat at the water. It will distract them from that bad habit but just while the “game” is being played. In this case, their love of water can backfire.

The Siamese cat isn’t the only cat breed that has a penchant for water. There are a few other breeds that dabble in droplets of water as well.

The latter explains why my daughter’s cat Reggie, a Maine Coon mix, loves to hang out in the bathroom, especially when the shower is running and sometimes jump right in!

Final Thoughts

If you have a Siamese cat or are thinking of welcoming one into your family, they are a strikingly attractive cat that is lovable, smart, playful, and very vocal. You will always have a buddy in the kitchen, bath, or wherever there’s water. After reading all of this “fluidly” written information, you can answer the question, “do Siamese cats like water?’ Yes!

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