German Shepherd drooling

Do German Shepherds Drool And Is It Normal?

German Shepherds like most dogs can and will drool from time to time and there are many reasons for this.

Excessive drooling in German Shepherds should always be investigated because something dangerous could be happening, but there can be drooling that is normal for German Shepherds depending on the circumstance.

Below I will go over normal and abnormal causes of drooling for German Shepherds.

Is It Normal For My German Shephard To Drool?

Normally German Shepherds will drool when they are excited or anticipating food. This will cause the dog to salivate and drooling can occur more than usual. Fortunately, German Shepherds are not major droolers and will not make a mess such as other dogs like the St. Bernard.

If your dog is drooling after playing, drinking lots of water, or is waiting for food, your pet is probably okay.  Any other time excessive drooling occurs you should look further into why they are drooling.

Reasons For Abnormal Drooling in German Shepherds

There are several causes of abnormal drooling that can occur in your dog. Below are some of the most common reasons to look out for if your German Shepherd is drooling more than usual.

Gum and Teeth Problems

If your dog’s gums are infected, red, or puffy this is usually caused by a condition called Canine Gingivitis. This can cause excessive drooling due to the lips being rubbed against the infected gums. The same goes for excessive plaque build-up on your dog’s teeth.

german shepherd drooling

If your dog has bad teeth, visiting the Vet and getting prescription gum medication can help. Other causes of mouth-related drooling could be a tooth abscess which if not treated quickly can cause a more severe infection. The typical treatment is antibiotics and teeth cleaning by your Vet.  Check Here For More Information About Tooth Abcess in Dogs.

Nausea or Stomach Issues

Sometimes when your dog has eaten something that causes an upset stomach or nausea the most common symptom can be excessive drooling. If you believe your dog is drooling due to nausea you can simply help them with simple remedies below.

  • Ice Cubes – Ice cubes will help hydrate your dog and settle the stomach. Drinking water could increase nausea in your German Shepherd.
  • Ginger – Ginger works great it giving a warm and soothing feeling for your dog. It helps reduce nausea as well.
  • Natural Digestive Relief – I’ve used HomeoPet Digestive Upsets (on Amazon), which is an effective and safe medication that quickly reduces an upset stomach and digestive issues. I’ve used this brand in the past for my Boston terrier who suffered from mild plant poisoning and had amazing results.


If your dog has been outside for a long time in the heat and you notice a sudden onset of excessive drooling with excessive panting this is could possibly be a sign of heatstroke.


If this is the case, quickly place your dog in a cool bath or rinse them off with the water hose. This will quickly lower their body temperature. Once they cool off some, let them drink as much water as they can because this will help rehydrate them and cool them off inside. Alternatively, you can try Pedialyte for your dog which will also help rehydrate them.

If your dog seems to be in discomfort and has trouble breathing call your Vet office right away and let them know.

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Difficulty Swallowing

Sometimes excessive salivation in German Shepherds can be caused by your dog having something stuck in their throat or having a hard time swallowing. Brachycephalic breeds like the Boston Terrier, are known to have difficulty swallowing because of their short snout. This can also make Boston Terriers drool.

Toxic Plants

Several common plants that could be in your yard or garden can make your German Shepherd drool more than normal. These plants can be azaleas, mums, tulips, and some indoor and outdoor ferns.

If you suspect a toxic exposure to a plant please take your dog to the Vet Office right away as some of these plants could cause more severe symptoms including death.


I hope this article helped answer any of your questions regarding German Shepherd drooling. Please check back for more German Shepherd information.

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