Cats can be our cuddle friends and are almost always irresistible, especially when they do weird and funny things for no particular reason.

can cats eat garlic

Is Garlic Bad For Cats?

Garlic has long been used by humans both as a culinary spice and as a remedy for a whole range of ailments. In recent times it has been claimed that garlic can help humans control high blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and even ward off some cancers, but in contrast, is garlic bad for cats? …

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can cats eat walnuts

Can Cats Eat Walnuts?

The nutritional benefits of nuts for humans are well documented, and walnuts are often recommended for their high levels of omega-3, ideal for decreasing inflammation and promoting good cholesterol. However, this may leave you wondering – can cats eat walnuts? I certainly have found myself asking this question before, especially after finding out that many …

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