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Top 5 Best Cat Breeds For Kids

Cats are animals with attitude, so if you have kids and are looking for a feline friend, it’s best to find a cat that is calm natured.

Some cats are more prone to be hostile and scratch or bite if they feel they are threatened, whereas other cats, to a certain degree, don’t mind kids cuddling and petting them.

I’ve owned many different breeds of cat’s throughout my life, and through my opinion and what I’ve researched, here are the top 5 cat breeds known for their calm, affectionate, tolerant and playful nature which makes them ideal pets for families with the kids!

Child-Friendly Cat Breeds Should Have The Following Characteristics:

  • Are not sensitives to loud noises and sudden movements
  • Are neither territorial nor possessive
  • Like to cuddle
  • Are not prone to nibbling and scratching
  • Social
  • Relaxed
  • Flexible

Maine Coon Breed

1. Maine Coon

Also known as a “gentle giant”. These big, mild cats are social in nature and get along well with children. They love to play and are intelligent, they can even be taught basic tricks. Unlike most cat breeds, Maine Coon’s love water. If you only have Maine Coon it will need a lot of human attention. Also, Maine Coon’s do talk a lot! Their sweet grunt and meowing will accompany you throughout the day.

Persian Cat

2. The Persian Cat

A Persian cat is considered the most peaceful breed of cat. They’re sociable and eager for attention. Like a Maine coon cat, the Persian cat also requires frequent brushing, as otherwise the hair may become tangled. They are patient with children, and love nothing more than having all the family love and fuss over them.

Ragdoll Breed

3. Ragdoll

If you want a long-haired cat whose fur requires less care than a Maine coon or a Persian cat, consider a Ragdoll breed. Ragdoll’s are very calm and gentle cats who have immense confidence in the owner in whose hands they’re completely relaxed. Although calm in nature, they’re always ready to play.

They’re similar in behavior to a dog. Fetching things is their favorite game. Like dogs, they will bring you their toys, put it down in front of the owner and wait for the owner to throw it. They’re very affectionate and often accompany people in their daily chores.

They respond extremely well to prizes in the form of treats. This elegant cat loves company and enjoys pampering and combing, is curious and interested in everything that goes on around them.

They have characteristic blue eyes and “colorpoint” (light fur, dark limbs). Read more about Ragdoll cats here!

Abyssinian cat breed

4. Abyssinian

An extremely social and friendly breed of cat that loves to play. The Abyssinian cat is brave, curious and daring. They know how to have fun themselves, but they’re happiest when they’re involved in every aspect of your life. They make fools by yourself on a regular basis, so they have the reputation of being a cat kingdom clown.

Burmese Cat Breed

5. Burmese

A friendly breed of human-loving cat is very gentle to children. Relaxed and adaptable, the Burmese cat is known for its laid back nature. Burmese cats are fun, playful, intelligent, and perfect pets for families with kids. They love to play and are as active as Siamese cats and very loyal to their owners. They love to sleep on their owner’s bed and cuddle a lot.

Siamese cats love water too! You can check out our article we wrote which talks more about this bizarre phenomenon.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, not all cat breeds are the same. When looking for the best cat breeds for kids, the main characteristics to look for are being gentle, calm, and laid back.

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