Cute Boston Terrier

Is Boston Terrier a Dog for a Yard or Apartment?

Boston terrier is small, lively, and gentle in nature, which makes them a beloved pet. They love children and enjoy entertaining people with their unique appearance. They are especially good as pets for elderly people and people living in apartments.

In terms of temperament of all terriers (except possibly “yorkies”), Boston is probably the least terrier type of dog. They are very attached to people and most like to cuddle and sit on the owner’s lap.

This does not mean that they do not like to run for balls and/or play with other dogs. On the contrary, the Boston Terrier is known for their liveliness, but given their size they need to move will satisfy classic walk or you can let them play in the yard if you own one.

When indoors, it is quite inactive and therefore suitable as a pet for people who live in apartments and do not have a yard. They love walking and playing in the yard, but they are more suited to being indoors; because of this, and if you have a yard, it is better to keep it in the house. Keep in mind that this breed is disturbed by high heat or cold.

As they do not tolerate heat very well and are extremely clean, they do not line up and are suitable for holding in the house or apartment. These are not dogs that will get used to living in the yard, and if they are forced to live there in times of hot or cold winters, the dog will have health problems.

Hair care is minimal and brushing once a week is enough to remove dead hair because these dogs do not line.

They do not have the typical dog smell that bothers some people, so they are great for keeping in the apartment. They are extremely clean and do not require frequent bathing. You can bathe the dog when you have to, and it depends on you whether you choose shampoos and dry sprays or choose the standard form of bath.

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