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Best Dog Strollers For Small Dogs

If you own a small dog, you’ve probably noticed they get tired quickly during long walks. In which case you will have to carry it in your arms constantly which will end up wearing you out. To solve this problem and make you and your doggy happy, you can look at using a stroller for your small dog. It looks pretty cool too!

You may think you don’t need it because you can easily carry your dog in your bag, but it’s not the most appropriate place for you and your pet to move around comfortably, even though your dog could easily get into any space. With a stroller, you will make your and your pet’s life much easier.

Dog carts are one of the most innovative products you can get on the internet and in many physical stores, especially those dedicated to providing pet owners with cute and unique things to give and pamper their furry friends.

There’s many options available to suit everyone’s needs such as different materials, prices, quality, comfort, and durability. That is why I’ve prepared a small list with the five best dog strollers for your small puppy, as well as some tips you should take into account to choose the most appropriate one for your pet.

Best Small Dog Strollers [Our Top Picks Of 2020]

ImageProductStroller WeightWeight LimitPrice
Best Overall: Pet Gear Jogger27 Pounds75 Pounds Check On Amazon
Best Budget: Pet Gear Happy Trails13 Pounds30 Pounds Check On Amazon
Most Luxurious: Hauck Pet Roadster25 Pounds70 Pounds Check On Amazon
Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller35 Pounds90 Pounds Check On Amazon
Best Quality: Pet Gear NV Stroller32 Pounds70 Pounds Check On Amazon

1. Best Overall: Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

Best Overall stroller

First on our list is the Jogger Pet Gear stroller. It stands out from other options on the market because of its sturdy build quality, comfort, affordability, and ease of setting up. The pet cabin is sealed without the need of a zipper, making it lockable and unlockable with the push of a button. It weighs around 27 pounds, but this is compensated by its weight limit of 70 pounds. Its air ride wheels, frame, and brake systems give it great stability, providing a bumpless ride to your beloved pet.


  • You only need one hand to fold this stroller, leaving the other free to tend to your pet
  • Its rear shock absorbers give it superior stability
  • No-zip cover for easy locking and unlocking
  • Air ride tires mean you can effortlessly stroll on rougher terrain


  • The front-wheel may wobble slightly if there is too much weight towards the back of the stroller

Overall, this is the best dog stroller for small dogs. If you’re looking for an incredible quality yet affordable pet stroller, you can’t go past the Pet Gear Jogger Stroller. With good stability, easy to lock and fold, and sturdy design, this stroller is a great option that you and your dog will love.

2. Best Budget: Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

Best Budget stroller

From Pet Gear, this affordable stroller is another of its models with the No-Zip opening mechanism that works with the push of a button. The Happy Trails Stroller can carry up to 30 pounds, so it is perfect for small dogs and even some mid-sized ones. Despite this, its frame is very lightweight at only 13 lbs.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easy-to-fold for convenient storage, quick setup
  • The panoramic view it gives to your doggy will help him stay calm inside the stroller
  • Four-wheel design makes it perfect for off-road trips and greater stability


  • Can be quite shaky on rougher terrain

If you’re going on a pet-friendly day hike on a sunny day and without too many slopes, it’s one of the cheapest choices when it comes to small pet strollers. This stroller is lightweight, stable, and super easy to set up. The Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller is great for those who are on a tight budget.

3. Most Luxurious: Hauck TOGfit Luxury Pet Roadster

Most Luxurious stroller

Thinking about the special needs that senior pets have in terms of comfort, the TOGfit Pet Roadster can hold up to 70 lbs of weight, making it one of the most durable strollers in this list. It’s the most luxurious on our list and comes equipped with a soft and cozy mattress that your dog will love. The stroller comes with an adjustable handle so it perfect for people of all height to use.


  • Includes a comfortable mattress and a large storage basket for your dog’s essentials underneath
  • With an entrance height of 19.6 inches, even senior dogs can get in and out with ease
  • Most of the parts are easily removable for effortless cleaning


  • The stroller may lift up at the front, but it’s easily fixed by placing a small weight in the storage basket

If you’re thinking about giving the most comfortable ride to your senior dog, with lots of space for them to lay comfortably, the Hauck TOGfit Luxury Pet Roadster is a fantastic choice. It’s amazing robust build quality and provides a superior ride for your small dog.

4. Best Two Dog Stroller: Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller

best double stroller

Designed especially with multiple dog owners in mind, the Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller can carry two pets weighing up to a whopping 90 pounds, thanks to its sturdy steel frame. It’s quite compact for a double pet stroller when it’s set up.


  • It is great to carry two small dogs (or even more, depending on their size) comfortably
  • The stroller comes with a weather cover and plush-padded interior, ensuring safety and comfort
  • Its air tires give it great stability in rough terrain and during jogging


  • This is the priciest option of the list; however, you can’t put a price on comfort for your pets

People with two doggies (or even a dog and another small animal) will love this Double Pet Stroller. Your dogs can stroll in style even on rougher terrain thanks to the 12″ air tires. It comes with a weather cover and plush-padded interior so there’s no need to purchase any extras. Its push-button quick-release cover makes it a breeze to get your dogs in and out. Spoil your dogs on your next walk with this impressive Double Pet Stroller.

5. Best Quality: Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

best quality small stroller

The NV Pet Stroller is the “deluxe” product from Pet Gear. Carrying up to 70 pounds with the highest pet cabin size of the Pet Gear Strollers (even bigger than the Double Pet Stroller!), this stroller is all about space and comfort for your dog.


  • Sturdy but comfortable (unlike other single-pet strollers, this has a soft padded interior)
  • Its air ride wheels are perfect for jogging and difficult terrain
  • Its height to handle of 41.5 inches makes it a great fit for tall people
  • Elevated paw rest for your pet to enjoy the view comfortably


  • Not as compact as the other models in the list

If you want a pet stroller that doesn’t skimp on quality or comfort, the popular Pet Gear NV Stroller is one of the best-rated pet strollers on the market. It’s great value for money and as good of quality as others in the same price range. Your dog will love going on long walks inside his roomy and softly padded haven, regardless of the terrain or weather.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Dog Stroller

What Is a Dog Stroller?

Actually, there are different kinds of dog strollers; there are those that help a dog that for some reason has the occasional or permanent inability to move and are like wheelchairs for your pet, and there are those that serve as support when you go for a walk. This time I am referring to the latter.

This type of dog cart may seem a not very curious idea because the first thing you will think about is: why do I want a cart if the idea is that my dog exercises? But it turns out that everyone who has bought it chooses to use it and explains that it is really useful, practical, and functional.

At some point, it happens to all dog owners that our furry friend goes for a walk and gets tired, especially if they are puppies, very small breeds or if they are very old or a little overweight. It is something normal and if we want to go for a walk with them we must take a series of precautions: take little bags for the excrements, some food and water, and a dog stroller.

Which Doggy Stroller Should I Buy?

Since the market is very wide and the offer is growing day by day I will try to give you the most important guidelines, so that you can keep them in mind when deciding on the most suitable doggy carriage for you and your dog’s needs. Keep in mind that it is not the same if you are in the habit of walking your dog in the nearby park than if you take him for a walk.

As for the type of car, there are several factors that you have to assess to find the one that suits you best. You should know that there are carts for small dogs, carts for medium dogs, carts for big dogs, carts for dogs with special disabilities (such as hip dysplasia or paralysis). Another factor is if it is closed, open, folding, etc.

How Do I Know If a Dog Stroller Will Make My Dog Happy?

Until you try it you won’t know for sure. However, you must have some patience until your dog adapts to the new cart. If you have any doubts, ask in the forums and go around the web, you will see that the owners of small dogs that use them tell wonders about these carts, there are even hundreds of pictures of happy dogs walking in them.

The best advice I can give you is to go shopping for the doggy cart in the company of your furry friend. But first, make him walk for a while and make sure he is tired, so he can understand that your intention is to give him the possibility to continue walking, something that in general all dogs love.

What Characteristics Should a Good Dog Cart Have?

As dog strollers are becoming very popular very quickly, in parallel the manufacturers are innovating and correcting errors or defects that the first models may have. So the offer is increasingly wide, so before you buy it, check that the dog stroller you choose meets certain parameters.


One of the main points is that it should fit the size and breed of your dog. Don’t buy a very big doggy cart because your dog will feel uncomfortable. The idea is that it is protected inside the doggy carriage, not that it is a torture for him or that he “dances” inside it.

You will see that there are carts for large dogs with a capacity of up to 50 kilograms, but there are also carts for medium-sized dogs (up to 15 kg). One of the verifications you should make is that the size of the wheels is adequate to the indicated weight, and even that the position of the wheels is adequate to the movement and gives you stability, that they support different types of terrains and that they also have safety brakes.

The good thing about a small pet is that its cart will be too, which when folded and stored will also be easier for you and take up less space.


It is very important that if you buy the cart because your dog gets tired of walking it is very comfortable, otherwise you will not be helping him to rest. Therefore, make sure that the bottom of the cart is padded, check that it is spongy and comfortable, so that your small dog can relax and continue enjoying the walk.


Dogs are dogs, their hair falls out, especially at certain times, sometimes they get dirty, they have their particular smell and they usually roll around in places where their owners do not share the same taste. For that reason, the dog cart you acquire should be easily disassembled and its cleaning and disinfection should not be a complicated task, it should be a preponderant factor.

In addition, the fabric with which it is made must be washable, other than a lining that can be broken with a brush. There are also materials to which the hair sticks easily, so it is more difficult to keep them clean, check this before choosing one.

Safety and Usefulness

Make sure your dog is safe inside the dog carrier you buy for him, i.e. that the bras are of good quality, that nothing stands out that could hurt your fur and that the materials it is made of are not toxic. In addition, you should check that it is useful for you since you will have to transport it, clean it, and keep it in some corner of your home.

Today there are models that even allow you to walk your pet and that he can observe everything around him through a mesh, this can be useful if your dog is not used to walk in the cart, you will not run the risk that he can jump out, you will keep him inside and safe enjoying the walk.


This can also be a determining factor, it evaluates the material in which the cart is made. The ideal is that it lasts a few years or that if you decide to change it, it is for a better model and not because it was a bad quality product that lasted only a few months before it deteriorated.

Baby Carriages or Dog Carriages?

This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially in these times when the health of our environment requires us to recycle and reuse things. But this is not the case because a baby stroller has absolutely nothing to do with a dog stroller, except for the purpose of taking a comfortable and safe walk.

Basically, a baby carriage is designed to transport a child, who looks nothing like a dog, neither in its morphology, complexion nor way of moving or sitting. So don’t even try it. Give or sell your baby’s stroller and buy yourself a doggie stroller suitable for your canine friend.

How Do I Teach My Dog to Use the Doggy Cart?

You must give your dog the necessary time to get to know the doggy cart you have given him and to take confidence in him and in what it implies, that is, to get on it and let himself go. The first few days the cart should be in your dog’s sight so that he gets used to its smell and it becomes something familiar.

You can help him to associate the dog cart with fun, games, and/or adventures, by placing his leash or harness and his favorite toys inside it. That way you will make him not only not afraid of it (which is understandable because it is something new, big, and moves) but also to take care of it and want to use it.

The first walks should be indoors. Play with your dog for a while, make him run, and when you see that he is tired offer him to put him in the stroller and move him slowly. Use affectionate terms, don’t raise your voice, and reward him if he behaves well. If you see him restless, pet him and talk to him gently. With love and patience, you will achieve your goal.

Final Thoughts

When you add a small dog to your life, you not only have a pet, you have a faithful companion who will love you unconditionally. Therefore, it is necessary that you give back that love by giving it the care it requires and giving it the quality of life it deserves. It is not only a matter of feeding it and taking it for a walk, sometimes it is necessary to include it in your life. If you like to walk or run, he can go with you to exercise but he will get tired in the middle of the day.

Buying a cart for your dog will be an excellent opportunity for your dog to accompany you everywhere and for both of you to be comfortable in the process.

Look for an option that is practical and comfortable, that your dog can lay down and where it also has space to move (measuring it lying down before buying will help you). Make sure it has enough windows and that your dog doesn’t get too hot.

It’s also a good option if you’re going to take your cart in your car or even on public transportation; and it fits through most doors and elevators. With a wide basket, you can carry everything you need to walk for a long time.

You will spend unforgettable moments with your furry, you will thank me later.

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