bearded dragon and mango

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mango? Facts and Information

Yes, Bearded Dragons can eat mango as long as they are cut into pieces no wider than their eyes. This will make it easier and safer for your dragon to eat the mango. Although they can eat mango, they would not be my first choice of fruit to feed your Bearded Dragon.

can bearded dragons eat mango

Mango have a moderate level of oxalate which too much off can cause binding to calcium which can cause metabolic bone disease in lizards. Some of your

Some Bearded Dragons will like mango and others will not maybe try another fruit if they don’t eat the mango.

Remember, Please only give mango as treats and not as part of their main diet. Fruits are filled with sugar and does not provide enough nutrients such as protein and essential vitamins.

It is also best to not feed mango to baby bearded dragons due to too it being too much sugar for their body to handle.

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