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I have devoted my life to animals. I have extensive knowledge in a wide range of different topics, such as behavior training and pet grooming to human-animal bonding. I hope you find what you're looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

Kim Reiff
Playful cat

Is Valerian Safe for Cats?

Valerian as a natural sedative has a very soothing effect on humans, but for cats has quite the opposite effect causing intense arousal, hallucinations, inappropriate behavior. Usually after 10-15 minutes of such euphoria, the cat will sink into a deep sleep. Cats are fascinated by valerian. This is not due to their botanical curiosity, but …

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Aquarium plants and goldfish

Aquarium Plants and Goldfish

The plants in the aquarium not only represents decoration, but closes the natural cycle of matter circulation, in other words, it removes waste material from water, thus helping to maintain water quality and a higher percentage of free oxygen. With goldfish, unfortunately there are not many options. Due to their specific nature, plant aquariums are …

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